HighEFF Vision and goals

HighEFF will focus on technologies and processes with potential for large reduction in specific energy use. The Centre have pinpointed areas, which are mostly of cross-industry-sectorial character to ensure competence transfer between industrial branches joining the Centre.

HighEFF Presentation
Duration: 2016 - 2024     Budget: 400 MNOK

  • Build an internationally leading Centre for strategic research within industrial energy effi ciency.
  • Generate 6 KPN, 8 IPN, 6 DEMOS and 4 EU spin-off projects
  • Enable competence building by educating 22 PhD/Postdoc candidates, 50 MSc candidates, and training/recruitment of 30 experts in industrial energy effi ciency.
  • Disseminate and communicate project results; 150 journal articles and conference papers.
Work Breakdown Structure