International cooperation

International cooperation is emphasised in the centreactivity.

Among the partners in the centre, there are several international universities and research institutions. This also holds for the vendor and end-user partners, as well as many of the Norwegian companies with considerable international activities. This ensures the neccessary interaction and input required to focus activities towards the challenges faced by industry and the energy system in the transition to a society with considerably lower greenhouse gas emissions.

In the academic cooperation a concept of double PhDs and MSc studies have been established, meaning that NTNU and an international university both have students within related topics in order to ensure a close exchange and development of knowledge. Further, many of the students have shorter or longer research exchange periods at a partner university. The Scientifi c Committee monitors the academic production in order to benchmark the activity in an international perspective, as well as giving advice for further scientifi c focus and direction.

In addition to bilateral cooperation between academic partners, HighEFF also have implemented dedicated cooperation between academic partners and industry partners. This may for instance happen between SINTEF, NTNU, an international university and a specifi c industrial partner.

Due to the global spread of partners, regional meetings are also arranged. A workshop arranged at Doshisha university in 2019 is a good example of this. Academic partners from Japan and China, industrial partners from Japan and representatives from NTNU and SINTEF took part.

International partners were also well represented at two major annual HighEFF meetings, indicating that they fi nd these to be a good arena for the exchange of knowledge and networking.