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Presentation of rigs in the HighEFF Laboratories

The Heat Exchanger Laboratory

The Expander Test Laboratory

  • Expander Test Laboratory 
    Our main objective of the Flexible Expander Test Rig (EXPAND) is to develop efficient and reliable units for waste heat recovery with natural working fluids.

The Natural Refrigerant Laboratory

  • ClimaTest
    Climate chamber with wide-range and accurate environmental control to test the new generation of display cabinets, condensing units and heat pumps
  • JetTest-Rack
    CO2 compressor rack to characterize ejectors that will help push-away the so-called CO2-equator
  • MultiTest-Rack
    Multifunctional setup to test innovative components for tomorrow’s CO2 vapour compression systems
  • Osenbrück 4.0 - Heat Pump Cycle
    Hybrid absorption-compression heat pump with ammonia-water mixture as natural working fluid
  • SuperSmart-Rack
    Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly integrated CO2 vapour compression units for supermarkets
  • Turbo2Steam
    R718 heat pump for steam generation 

The Dewatering Laboratory

The Gas and Material Characterization Laboratory