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Employees in Batteries and Hydrogen Technologies

Count: 25

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Name Title Phone Email
Andrenacci, Sara Andrenacci, Sara Master of Science
Angvik, John Trygve Angvik, John Trygve Engineer
Choi, Yejung Choi, Yejung Research Scientist
Clark, Simon Clark, Simon Senior Research Scientist
Colmenares-Rausseo, Luis César Colmenares-Rausseo, Luis César Senior Research Scientist
Dahl, Paul Inge Dahl, Paul Inge Senior Research Scientist
Digranes, Agnes Digranes, Agnes Senior Engineer
Eide, Tom-Andre Enebakk Eide, Tom-Andre Enebakk Senior Engineer
Fagerli, Frode Håskjold Fagerli, Frode Håskjold Research Scientist
Flores Cedeño, Eibar Joel Flores Cedeño, Eibar Joel Research Scientist
Fortin, Patrick Fortin, Patrick Research Scientist
Gerhardt, Michael Robert Gerhardt, Michael Robert Research Scientist
Hakim, Charifa Hakim, Charifa Research Scientist
Kaus, Ingeborg Kaus, Ingeborg Research Manager
Khoza, Thulile Khoza, Thulile Research Scientist
Kinyanjui, Francis Kinyanjui, Francis Research Scientist
Kvello, Jannicke Hatlø Kvello, Jannicke Hatlø Research Engineer
Lindgård, Øyvind Lindgård, Øyvind Master of Science
Martinsen, Stig Yngve Martinsen, Stig Yngve Senior Engineer
McCay, Katie McCay, Katie Research Scientist
Müller, Magdalena Müller, Magdalena Master of Science
Schei, Kari Schei, Kari Department Coordinator
Stokes-Rodriguez, Killian Stokes-Rodriguez, Killian Research Scientist
Tolchard, Julian Richard Tolchard, Julian Richard Research Scientist
Wagner, Nils Peter Wagner, Nils Peter Senior Research Scientist