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Real-time analysis of failures and events

This focus area will manage real-time analysis and handling of failures in the distribution grid. Here lies the inclusion of machine learning and prediction to warn about and avoid outages. Considering today's situation in this area, there is a lot of potential for automation. Areas of interest include prediction of faults and outages, and integration with different systems used by the network operators for restoration and customer management.

The activities in this focus area will be coordinated with other projects, for example FASaD (Fault and interruption handling in smart distribution systems) and EarlyWarn, to ensure synergies and avoid overlapping works. The focus of ENERGYTICS is to analyse the utility of a Big Data-approach for real-time event handling. Optimisation for decision support will be deployed to achieve better fleet management all the way from alarm to allocation of mobile resources to actions taken. It will also give a wonderful opportunity for evaluating advantages and disadvantages with different architectures for storing and handling data, integration to other systems already used in the industry, for example the DataNav used by the network operator Hafslund.