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Hackaton in ENERGYTICS

ENERGYTICS hosted a hackathon in Trondheim on April 25th 2019. 28 students participated, and they worked for 5.5 hours with coming up with something which demonstrate the application of Big Data technologies on data from smart electricity meters. The participants got electricity usage data from HAN-port readers in addition to weather data, electricity prices, and measurements of different household appliances.

The groups got 3 minutes each to present their results. A jury consisting of Åshild Vatne (Hafslund Nett), Christopher Coello (Eidsiva Nett), and Øyvind Aarø (Sensero) chose two winners based on their innovation, technical feasibility, and the presentation of the result. The two groups won 10,000 NOK and 5,000 NOK, respectively. The winner group had developed a concept about a virtual powerplant consisting of electric vehicles (EV) where the customers lease the battery in its EV to the grid company for use in operation of the electricity grid. The second place was awarded to a group with an idea about an app which will help people in using their energy more efficiently.

You can read more about the hackathon and watch a video from the event here (in Norwegian).

Demonstrator: HAN port