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Operation of AMS and additional services

The rollout of AMS infrastructure will give the network operators new opportunities in the operation of the network, but is also in itself a system which must be operated in an appropriate way. AMS also opens a host of possibilities for interaction with the customers and development of additional services, both in and outside the network companies. This focus area will study the use of measured data and meta data from the AMS infrastructure.

Further, the interaction between network operators, customers and other actors will be evaluated, and the potential for alternative business models will be analysed. This includes possibilities for using the HAN-port in the meter to communicate with other systems to enable for example power peak shifting and power peak reduction. The focus area addresses the whole life cycle of Big Data, from data procurement and acquisition, visualisation, analysis, and decision support. Relevant technologies include real-time handling of big data streams, prescriptive analytics, combinatorial optimisation, and visualisation. It is also in interest to compare the utility of data from the AMS head-end-system deployed by network operators and data collected directly from the HAN-port in the meters (which is reserved for use by the customers, and not used by the network operators).