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Detection of outages in the low-voltage (LV) distribution network

When the smart meters installed in Norway experience power loss, they send out an alarm which is called "last gasp". Instead of relying on customer inquiries to register outages, using the "last gasp"-alarm can lead to quicker detection of outages in the low-voltage distribution network. After an outage has been detected, its location can be narrowed down by sending out requests to smart meters nearby the meter which sent last gasp to see if any more meters have lost power. Analysing the results will give information about the affected line segment.

The first step in the implementation process is to do the query manually, initiated by the operator. Later it will be developed into an automated process where the operator is presented the outage event and most probable location right away. The transfer of alarms to the system operator must be as close to real-time as possible to minimize time taken from the outage occur until the power supply is restored.

News: Presentation at the Smart grid conference in Trondheim