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Employees in SINTEF

Count: 2257

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Name Title Phone Email
d’Oliveira Bouman, Rita Tatiana Vasconcellos L. d’Oliveira Bouman, Rita Tatiana Vasconcellos L. Research Scientist
Daae, Ragnhild Lundmark Daae, Ragnhild Lundmark Research Scientist
Dahal, Dhruba Dahal, Dhruba Developer
Dahl, Erlend Dahl, Erlend Research Scientist
Dahl, Eskild Svee Dahl, Eskild Svee Laboratory Manager
Dahl, Henning Dahl, Henning Senior Engineer
Dahl, Håkon Dahl, Håkon Master of Science
Dahl, Mariann Sydskjør Dahl, Mariann Sydskjør Executive Officer - HR
Dahl, Nina Dahl, Nina Research Director
Dahl, Paul Inge Dahl, Paul Inge Senior Research Scientist
Dahl, Sigrid Kaarstad Dahl, Sigrid Kaarstad Senior Research Scientist
Dahl, Tobias Dahl, Tobias Senior Research Scientist
Dahl, Øystein Dahl, Øystein Research Scientist
Dahle, Nora Dahle, Nora Research Engineer
Dahle, Stine Wiborg Dahle, Stine Wiborg Senior Research Scientist
Dahlen, Kevin Aaserud Dahlen, Kevin Aaserud Laboratory Technician
Dahl-Hansen, Runar Dahl-Hansen, Runar Senior Research Scientist
Dalaker, Halvor Dalaker, Halvor Senior Research Scientist
Dalen-Lorentsen, Torstein Dalen-Lorentsen, Torstein Research Manager
Daling, Per Snorre Daling, Per Snorre Scientific Adviser
Dalsaune, Frode Dalsaune, Frode Laboratory Manager
Dalsmo, Morten Dalsmo, Morten Executive Vice President
Dalsvåg, Hanne Dalsvåg, Hanne Master of Science
Damaceno, Daniela Damaceno, Daniela Research Scientist
Damman, Sigrid Damman, Sigrid Senior Research Scientist
Dang, Nga Phuong Dang, Nga Phuong Senior Research Scientist
Danielsen, Morten Høgseth Danielsen, Morten Høgseth Senior Technician
Dankel, Dorothy Jane Dankel, Dorothy Jane Senior Research Scientist
Danner, Tobias Alexander Simon Danner, Tobias Alexander Simon Senior Research Scientist
D'Arco, Salvatore D'Arco, Salvatore Chief Scientist
Dautov, Rustem Dautov, Rustem Senior Research Scientist
Davies, Emlyn John Davies, Emlyn John Senior Research Scientist
de Carlos Hernandez, Fernando de Carlos Hernandez, Fernando Master of Science
De Cauwer, Milan De Cauwer, Milan Research Scientist
de Vaal, Jacobus Bernardus de Vaal, Jacobus Bernardus Research Scientist
Degefa, Merkebu Zenebe Degefa, Merkebu Zenebe Research Scientist
Degnes, Kristin Fløgstad Degnes, Kristin Fløgstad Research Scientist
Delbekk, Sølvi Delbekk, Sølvi Publishing Officer
Delhaye, Virgile Delhaye, Virgile Senior Research Scientist
Delic, Asmira Delic, Asmira Research Scientist
Deng, Han Deng, Han Research Scientist
Denizou, Karine Denizou, Karine Senior Research Scientist
Denonville, Christelle Denonville, Christelle Research Scientist
Devold, Erling Arvola Devold, Erling Arvola Master of Science
Di Bartolomeo, Francesca Di Bartolomeo, Francesca Research Scientist
Didriksen, Terje Didriksen, Terje Research Scientist
Diez Gutierrez, Maria Diez Gutierrez, Maria Research Scientist
Diez, Anja Diez, Anja Research Scientist
Dinamarca, Carlos Dinamarca, Carlos Senior Research Scientist
Dinesh, Ganesh Shimoga Dinesh, Ganesh Shimoga Research Scientist
Diplas, Spyridon Diplas, Spyridon Research Manager
Dirdal, Christopher Andrew Dirdal, Christopher Andrew Research Manager
Ditaranto, Mario Ditaranto, Mario Chief Scientist
Ditlevsen, May Kristin Ditlevsen, May Kristin Senior Executive Officer
Dokken, Tor Dokken, Tor Research Manager / Chief Scientist
Dokmo, Lars Dokmo, Lars HSE Manager
dos Santos Sousa Rodrigues, José Miguel dos Santos Sousa Rodrigues, José Miguel Senior Research Scientist
Dowdell, Joshua Render Dowdell, Joshua Render Research Scientist
Dromnes, Rita Ingvill Dromnes, Rita Ingvill Department Coordinator
Du, Qiang Du, Qiang Senior Research Scientist
Duda, Marcin Ireneusz Duda, Marcin Ireneusz Master of Science
Duffo, Loïc Duffo, Loïc Research Scientist
Dullo, Firehun Tsige Dullo, Firehun Tsige Research Scientist
Dumoulin, Stéphane Dumoulin, Stéphane Senior Research Scientist
Dunker, Tim Dunker, Tim Research Scientist
Dupuy, Bastien Dupuy, Bastien Research Scientist
Durand, Rachel Durand, Rachel Research Scientist
Duric-Eidsvåg, Milos Duric-Eidsvåg, Milos Senior Technician
Dybdahl, Cato Dybdahl, Cato Senior Adviser
Dyrendahl, Marit Dyrendahl, Marit Senior Engineer
Dyrstad, Jonatan Sjølund Dyrstad, Jonatan Sjølund Research Scientist
Dæhlen, Jon Schonhovd Dæhlen, Jon Schonhovd Senior Software Developer
Dörr, Maurice Dörr, Maurice Research Scientist
Døssland, Line Døssland, Line Adviser
Dåvøy, Ingunn Dåvøy, Ingunn Chief Security Officer