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NOWITECH Innovation Day

Innovations from NOWITECH  -


  1. IFE 3DFloat offshore wind turbine simulation software
  2. Simo-Riflex simulation software package
  3. 3DWind wind park CFD simulation software
  4. IFEM-CFD - isogeometric finite element fluid structure simulation tool
  5. No poster
  6. Floatopt/WindOpt spare buoy offshore wind turbine and mooring optimization software tool
  7. INVALS general purpose optimization software
  8. Commercial grade rotor CFD
  9. No poster
  10. Buckling resistant blades
  11. PM generator magnetic vibrations
  12. Composite Fatigue Damage Estimator
  13. No poster
  14. Novel design of semi-submersible platform for 5 MW wind turbine
  15. Dual layer corrosion protection coatings
  16. Power System Simulation Tool (PSST)
    Power Grid And Market Analyser (PowerGAMA)
  17. Network Optimisation (Net-Op)
  18. Viper – preliminary estimates of energy production from offshore wind power plants
  19. HVDC grid lab implementation
  20. Wind energy supply to oil and gas platforms
  21. NOWIcob – strategic O&M decision support tool
  22. Optimization based decision support tool for O&M
  23. Droplet erosion resistant blade coatings
  24. Remote inspection: A remotely controlled robot installed inside wind turbine nacelle.
  25. Thermally sprayed SiC coatings (ThermaSiC)
  26. Turbine control
  27. No poster
  28. ReaTHM™ Testing of Offshore Wind Turbines
  29. Logistic decision support for routing and scheduling
  30. PM generator integrated designs
  31. Droplet erosion test facility
  32. Drivetrain Fault Detection Method
  33. Gearbox Vulnerability Map
  34. Wind turbine electrical interactions
  35. Control of multi-terminal HVDC grids
  36. Network reduction
  37. Wind farm collection grid optimisation  
  38. STAS – A unified state-space model of a wind power plant
  39. No poster
  40. Loss Minimization in Long Offshore Wind Farm AC Export cables
  41. Wind-band model for wind farms
  42. Commercial grade sea-loads CFD
John Olav Giæver Tande

John Olav Giæver Tande

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Hans Christian Bolstad

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