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NOWITECH - Research Network

Scientific committee

NOWITECH SC’s meeting at DTU in Roskilde (Denmark) 17 June 2014 was very fruitful with review of research activities on grids, O&M and novel concepts, and with discussions on reference wind turbines and reference wind farms. The hospitality by the host Thomas Buhl (DTU) is greatly appreciated. From left: Tor Anders Nygaard, Thomas Buhl, Jørgen Krokstad, Harald Svendsen, Trond Kvamsdal, Karl Merz, Gerard van Bussel, Thomas Welte, Olimpo Anaya-Lara, Hans-Gerd Busman, Finn Gunnar Nielsen.

The Scientific Committee (SC) has developed a top quality PhD and Post Doc programme in collaboration with CMG. This includes an active recruitment strategy, invitation of international experts for giving lectures, arrangements of scientific colloquia and seminars, and exposing scholars to industry and leading international research groups through NOWITECHs mobility programme.

The scientific leadership is carried out by the Centre Director and CMG in close collaboration with the Scientific Committee. Decisions as regards scientific directions, contents and prioritisation are executed by the CMG. The SC has the responsibility for the educational part and provides strategic advice on scientific focus and priorities.

The Scientific Committee consists of a core group with relevant NTNU professors and the Centre Director, and an extended group consisting of other Norwegian members and representatives of the associated international research partners. The SC members as per end 2014 are listed below:

SC core group members:

  • Trond Kvamsdal, NTNU (Chairman)
  • Michael Muskulus, NTNU (Vice chairman)
  • Olav Bjarte Fosso, NTNU
  • Torgeir Moan, NTNU
  • Marta Molinas, NTNU
  • Jan Onarheim, NTNU
  • Lars Sætran, NTNU
  • Tore Undeland, NTNU
  • Debbie Koreman, NTNU (secretary)
  • John Tande, Centre Director

Other members are:

  • Tor Anders Nygaard, IFE
  • Finn Gunnar Nielsen, Statoil/UiB
  • Jørgen Ranum Krokstad, Statkraft/ NTNU
  • Paul Sclavounos, MIT, USA