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Health Services Research Group

We are a multidisciplinary group committed to advancing healthcare. Our aim is to provide comprehensive, research-based insights for developing and evaluating healthcare services, understanding their broader impacts.

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We provide research-based insights for service development and evaluation of its impact. We also focus on the digitalization of healthcare services and its consequences for patients, the public, and healthcare professionals. 

The group focuses on four overarching themes: 

  1. Design, Organization, and Management of Health and Care Services:
    • Needs evaluation, financing, and integration of services.
  2. Patient and User Experiences:
    • Improving the quality and availability of services.
    • Enhancing user participation and inclusion.
  3. Work Practices:
    • Division of responsibilities and tasks.
    • Digital services, working environment, and sick leave.
  4. Prevention and Health Promotion:
    • Living environment and neighborhood.
    • Diversity and inclusion.
    • Health competence.

Our project portfolio is a mix of national contract research projects, Research Council of Norway-funded projects, and EU/international projects.

Our group leads or is involved in the following strategic collaborations through 'Gemini Centres':



The Health Services Research group is interdisciplinary, combining social science perspectives with health sciences and clinical experience. The majority has a social science background, including social economics, sociology, political science, social medicine, anthropology, and psychology. Most staff have PhDs. 

The group works within the spectrum from health prevention, diagnostics and treatment to rehabilitation. Many of our projects span single diagnoses and 'simple problems', and we address the complexity of service development and delivery to patients with complex care needs. The group also works on specific health issues such as mental health and substance abuse, cancer, and neurology. We also have a portfolio of projects that address the integration of services outside traditional healthcare settings, such as child welfare services and the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). 

In our projects, we utilize our broad research expertise and apply mixed methods approaches:

  • Register data studies, combining various national health- and population-based registries
  • Surveys
  • Qualitative studies, including interviews and participant observation
  • Clinical studies, including clinical trials
  • Literature reviews 

We also actively engage in dissemination activities, including publications in scholarly journals and reports and participation in conferences in Norway and internationally. We also undertake dissemination activities with the general public through national debates and articles in newspapers and newsletters.

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