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Kristin Thaulow

Research Scientist

Kristin Thaulow is a licensed clinical psychologist and research scientist with background as a journalist in the media industry. She works with research projects about technology and mental health at SINTEF Digital Health Department, with a focus on how people can receive help, support, and benefits through new technology. Participant in Gemini Center for XR technology. She loves interdisciplinary collaboration, both nationally and internationally.


Educated Cand. Psychol. from the University of Copenhagen, licenced clinical psychologist, BA in psychology from Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences and NTNU, leadership from BI Norwegian Business School and journalism with specialization in radio from the University of Volda.

Competence and research areas

Thaulow has extensive experience in research, publishing, and concept development within mental health and technology. Her research includes the use of VR technology in municipal mental health, youth disengagement, occupational health, rehabilitation and digitalisation in healthcare. Thaulow possesses strong communication skills, supported by her background as a journalist. She also has leadership experience and actively collaborates with various organizations in research projects.




Contact info

Visiting address:
Professor Brochs gate 2