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Experiences with minority stress

The purpose of this project is to increase knowledge about what exactly minority stress is and what characterizes this term. Why – and in what way do minorities in Norway feel minority stress, and not least; What are the consequences of minority stress in people's everyday lives?

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The term minority stress refers to the increased level of stress that people belonging to certain minority groups experience when the groups are stigmatized by the majority population. The cause of minority stress can be directly attributed to prejudice and discrimination that stigmatized minorities experience, which is also linked to other sources of stress, such as socio-economic vulnerability and a reduction in stress buffers, such as social support.

During the project period, an interdisciplinary team of researchers from the Department of Health will investigate how minority stress can be experienced by minorities in Norway. The researchers will both carry out systematic literature searches to find out what existing research on the topic shows, as well as carry out a study in which participants who identify themselves as ethnic and/or sexual minorities are recruited.

One of the biggest consequences of minority stress is the negative effect on individuals, both physically and psychologically. However, the effects are not limited to the individual, but can also apply at societal level, e.g. increased use of health services, increased absenteeism, and reduced involvement in society.

Based on specific literature review techniques and innovative, scientifically recognized and research-based qualitative methods (for example Photovoice) with a participatory approach, this project will provide Bufdir and others with important knowledge in the work against discrimination and hate speech against minorities in Norway.

The results will have direct applicability for Bufdir and will also be transferable to other initiatives that involve minorities and minority stress.

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2022 - 2023

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