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Lars Hov Odsæter

Research Scientist

Lars Hov Odsæter
476 68 052
Gas Technology

Lars Hov Odsæter works as research scientist in multiphase fluid flow modelling in SINTEF Energy Research. He holds an MSc in physics and mathematics and a PhD in numerical mathematics with porous media flow as main topic. Lars works in a wide selection of projects where fluid flow modelling is relevant, e.g., within hydrogen, CCS and propulsion systems.


PhD in Numerical Mathematics, NTNU, 2018.
MSc in Physics and Mathematics, NTNU, 2012.
One-year-study in Sports Sciences, Lillehammer University College, 2006.

Competence and research areas

Mathematical modelling and numerical analysis.
Modelling of multiphase fluid flows with reactions.
Flow in porous media, incl. oil and gas reservoars and CO2 storage.
Hydrogen behavoir and safety.
Project development.

Contact info

Visiting address:
Kolbjørn Hejes vei 1 D