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Employees in SINTEF

Count: 2245

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Name Title Department Phone Email
Iakymenko, Natalia Iakymenko, Natalia Research Scientist Industrial Ecosystems
Iddberg, Mads Iddberg, Mads Research Scientist Materials Technology
Igartua, Amaia Igartua, Amaia Senior Engineer Climate and Environment
Indergård, Erlend Indergård, Erlend Senior Research Scientist Fisheries and New Biomarine Industry
Indergård, Robert Indergård, Robert Senior Adviser Ships and Ocean Structures
Indlekofer, Thomas Indlekofer, Thomas Research Scientist Thermal Energy
Iordan, Cristina-Maria Iordan, Cristina-Maria Research Scientist Climate and Environment
Iordanidou, Konstantina Iordanidou, Konstantina Research Scientist Sustainable Energy Technology
Istad, Maren Istad, Maren Research Scientist Energy Systems
Ivarsen, Peter Ørnulf Ivarsen, Peter Ørnulf Research Scientist Smart Sensors and Microsystems
Iversen, Bjørn Skjold Iversen, Bjørn Skjold Vice President SINTEF Community - Staff
Iversen, Hege Island Iversen, Hege Island Senior Project Coordinator Energy Systems