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Employees in SINTEF

Count: 2245

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Name Title Department Phone Email
Vagia, Marialena Vagia, Marialena Senior Research Scientist Mathematics and Cybernetics
Valaker, Emil Andre Valaker, Emil Andre Master of Science Materials and Nanotechnology
Valdø-Schwarz, Linda Valdø-Schwarz, Linda Senior HR Adviser Management and Staff
Valland, Anders Valland, Anders Research Manager Energy and Transport
van Oosterhout, Dirk van Oosterhout, Dirk Research Scientist Infrastructure
Vandervaeren, Camille Vandervaeren, Camille Research Scientist Architectural Engineering
Vantaggiato, Elettra Vantaggiato, Elettra Master of Science Gas Technology
Vardøy, Astrid-Sofie Vardøy, Astrid-Sofie Research Scientist Smart Sensors and Microsystems
Vatn, Dorthea Mathilde Kristin Vatn, Dorthea Mathilde Kristin Research Scientist/PhD Fellow Software Engineering, Safety and Security
Ve, Torbjørn Andersen Ve, Torbjørn Andersen Research Scientist Electric Power Technology
Veenendaal, Jody Veenendaal, Jody Technician Sustainable Energy Technology
Venæs, Janne Venæs, Janne Master of Science Mobility
Venås, Birger Venås, Birger Research Scientist Aquaculture
Venås, Jon Vegard Venås, Jon Vegard Research Scientist Energy Systems
Vereshchagina, Elizaveta Vereshchagina, Elizaveta Senior Research Scientist Smart Sensors and Microsystems
Vermesan, Ovidiu Vermesan, Ovidiu Chief Scientist Sustainable Communication Technologies
Vernstad, Kai Vernstad, Kai Research Engineer Biotechnology and Nanomedicine
Verpe, Stig Henning Verpe, Stig Henning ICT Security Manager Organisation and Support Services
Veylit, Lara Veylit, Lara Research Scientist Climate and Environment
Videsjorden, Adela Nedisan Videsjorden, Adela Nedisan Master of Science Sustainable Communication Technologies
Viespoli, Luigi Mario Viespoli, Luigi Mario Research Scientist Materials and Nanotechnology
Vignisdottir, Hrefna Run Vignisdottir, Hrefna Run Research Manager Infrastructure
Vihovde, Ingebjørg Vihovde, Ingebjørg Department Coordinator Management and Staff
Vik, Lars Harald Vik, Lars Harald Research Scientist Mobility
Vikøren, Jan Erik Vikøren, Jan Erik Property Manager and Project Manager SINTEF Property Management
Vildåsen, Sigurd Sagen Vildåsen, Sigurd Sagen Senior Research Scientist Sustainable Energy Technology
Vinge, Torun Vinge, Torun Senior HSE Adviser Organisation and Support Services
Vinnes, Magnus Kyrkjebø Vinnes, Magnus Kyrkjebø Research Scientist Gas Technology
Vis, Anne Carlijn Vis, Anne Carlijn Research Scientist Health Research
Visnes, Torkild Visnes, Torkild Senior Research Scientist Biotechnology and Nanomedicine
Vistad, Ørnulv Vistad, Ørnulv Senior Research Scientist Process Technology
Vistnes, Gunnar Vistnes, Gunnar Senior Engineer Applied Geoscience
Vogl, Andreas Vogl, Andreas Senior Research Scientist Smart Sensors and Microsystems
Vogt, Anja Vogt, Anja Project Coordinator Gas Technology
Volent, Zsolt Volent, Zsolt Senior Research Scientist Aquaculture
Voll, Daniel Lossius Voll, Daniel Lossius Laboratory Technician Infrastructure
Vollan, Frida Vollan, Frida Engineer Metal Production and Processing
Vollstad, Jørgen Vollstad, Jørgen Senior Engineer Fisheries and New Biomarine Industry
Volpe, Charlotte Volpe, Charlotte Research Scientist Fisheries and New Biomarine Industry
Vraalstad, Vilde Vraalstad, Vilde PhD Fellow Smart Sensors and Microsystems
Vullum, Per Erik Vullum, Per Erik Senior Research Scientist Materials and Nanotechnology
Vullum-Bruer, Fride Vullum-Bruer, Fride Senior Research Scientist Thermal Energy
Værnes, Reidun Værnes, Reidun HSE Manager SINTEF Ocean - Management and Staff
Vøllestad, Einar Vøllestad, Einar Senior Research Scientist Sustainable Energy Technology
Vågbø, Pål Christian Broberg Vågbø, Pål Christian Broberg Master of Science Architecture, Materials and Structures
Vågenes, Birgitte Vågenes, Birgitte Research Engineer Materials and Nanotechnology
Våpenstad, Cecilie Våpenstad, Cecilie Senior Research Scientist Health Research