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Employees in SINTEF

Count: 2245

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Name Title Department Phone Email
Ofstad, Kari-Anne Ofstad, Kari-Anne Department Coordinator Aquaculture
Ofte, Bente Wallervand Ofte, Bente Wallervand Research Engineer Architecture, Materials and Structures
Oftebro, Thea Lurås Oftebro, Thea Lurås Master of Science Climate and Environment
Ogorodnyk, Olga Ogorodnyk, Olga Research Scientist Industrial Ecosystems
Ohrem, Sveinung Johan Ohrem, Sveinung Johan Research Manager Aquaculture
Oksavik, Odne Andreas Oksavik, Odne Andreas Adviser Architecture, Materials and Structures
Okstad, Eivind Halvard Okstad, Eivind Halvard Senior Research Scientist Software Engineering, Safety and Security
Okstad, Knut Morten Okstad, Knut Morten Research Scientist Mathematics and Cybernetics
Olafsen, Kjell Olafsen, Kjell Research Scientist Materials and Nanotechnology
Olafsen, Svein Ove Olafsen, Svein Ove Developer Science Communication and Certification
Olaussen, Paul Andreas Rødbøl Olaussen, Paul Andreas Rødbøl Adviser Architectural Engineering
Olden, Vigdis Olden, Vigdis Senior Research Scientist Materials and Nanotechnology
Olsen, Herold Olsen, Herold Senior Adviser Sustainable Communication Technologies
Olsen, Jan Erik Øvrebø Olsen, Jan Erik Øvrebø Research Manager Process Technology
Olsen, Maria Nicté Polanco Olsen, Maria Nicté Polanco Laboratory Manager Thermal Energy
Olsen, Silje Malene Olsen, Silje Malene Research Scientist Biotechnology and Nanomedicine
Olsø, Brynhild Garberg Olsø, Brynhild Garberg Senior Adviser Architecture, Materials and Structures
Omerovic, Aida Omerovic, Aida Research Manager Software Engineering, Safety and Security
Omholt, Oda Omholt, Oda Software Developer Climate and Environment
Onsøien, Morten Ingar Onsøien, Morten Ingar Research Manager Metal Production and Processing
Opdalshei, Eline Opdalshei, Eline Project Coordinator Energy Systems
Opedal, Nils Opedal, Nils Senior Research Scientist Applied Geoscience
Opland, Gunnar Opland, Gunnar Technician Process Technology
Opstad, Ida Opstad, Ida Research Scientist SINTEF Helgeland
Ormberg, Harald Ormberg, Harald Senior Research Scientist Energy and Transport
Ormevik, Andreas Breivik Ormevik, Andreas Breivik Student - finished 5 years Energy and Transport
Ormøy, Frank Ormøy, Frank Senior Technician Process Technology
O'Sadnick, Megan O'Sadnick, Megan Research Scientist SINTEF Narvik
Ose, Solveig Osborg Ose, Solveig Osborg Senior Research Scientist Health Research
Osen, Karen Sende Osen, Karen Sende Senior Research Scientist Metal Production and Processing
Ostapska, Katarzyna Ostapska, Katarzyna Research Scientist Architecture, Materials and Structures
Ottem, Britt E. Løfshus Ottem, Britt E. Løfshus Department Coordinator Management and Staff
Otterlei, Camilla Otterlei, Camilla Senior Engineer Process Technology
Ottermo, Maria Vatshaug Ottermo, Maria Vatshaug Research Manager Software Engineering, Safety and Security
Ottesen, Torfinn Ottesen, Torfinn Research Scientist Energy and Transport
Ozan, Suat Canberk Ozan, Suat Canberk Research Scientist Process Technology