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Sveinung Johan Ohrem

Research Manager

Sveinung Johan Ohrem is the research manager for the group Aquaculture robotics and automation. He holds a MSc (2015) and PhD (2019) from NTNU in underwater robotics and adaptive control of subsea oil/gas processes, respectively. He started as a research scientist in SINTEF Ocean in 2019 and has been involved in projects related to underwater robotics, including SFI Exposed and Netclean 24/7. His research interests are modelling, control and navigation of underwater robots in aquaculture.


Adaptive Control of Subsea Processes - PhD - NTNU (2019)
Development of a Dynamic Positioning System for Merlin WR200 ROV - Master thesis - NTNU (2015)

Competence and research areas

Control theory, adaptive control, nonlinear control, linear control, modeling of dynamic systems, simulation, underwater navigation, autonomy, programming (C++, python), experimental validation of control systems



Contact info

Visiting address:
Brattørkaia 17 C