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Thomas Indlekofer

Research Scientist

Thomas Indlekofer is a research scientist at SINTEF energy's department for thermal energy since 2021. The main focus of his work lies on combustion systems (gas turbines for power generation, internal combustion engines for marine applications), especially with carbon-free fuels like hydrogen or ammonia. The methods and tools are CFD (OpenFOAM) and experiments. Additionally he works with process simulations (Aspen Plus, HYSYS) related to the use of bioresources.


PhD, Title: The dynamic nature of self-excited azimuthal modes in annular combustors, NTNU, Norway
MSc. Mechanical Engineering, KIT Karlsruhe, Germany
MSc. Energy Technologies, ITBA Buenos Aires, Argentina

Competence and research areas

Combustion, acoustics, hydrogen, ammonia, turbulence, emission formation, instabilities, experiments, process simulations, CFD, low-order modelling


Contact info

Visiting address:
Klæbuveien 153