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Research group Polymer- and Composite Materials

We offer research and development on polymer-based materials such as plastics, rubbers, composites, adhesives, coatings and gels, and the methods for converting the materials into products.

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We develop, modify and improve the materials, in addition to R&D on recycling. Circular economy and sustainability are key factors in our research. We cooperate with universities nationally and abroad. Our laboratories are well equipped.

Research areas

  • Generic competence on polymer-based materials
    • Plastics, rubbers, composites, adhesives, gels
  • Polymer chemistry
    • Development and modification of materials, additives and surfaces
  • Material-process-morphology-property relationships
    • Experimental characterization combined with numerical modelling
  • Polymer processing
    • Injection moulding, extrusion, additive manufacturing (3D printing), vacuum infusion
  • Mechanical and thermo-mechanical response
    • Mechanical properties (static, dynamic/fatigue, impact), ageing and lifetime, damage mechanisms - testing and numerical modelling
  • Circular economy and sustainability
    • Recycling and upgrading of materials, materials from renewable sources, biodegradable materials, green chemistry, input to LCA
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Research approach and infrastructure:

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  • Polymer chemistry
    • Reactor of various sizes for synthesis and modification of materials and additives, chemical modification of surfaces and interfaces,  chemical recycling, improving adhesion
  • Lab-scale and pilot-scale polymer compounding and processing
    • Micro compounding and compounding/extrusion equipment for modification of materials, injection moulding and 3D printing
  • Characterization of materials and products
    • Spectroscopy, thermal (DSC, TGA, DIL), microscopy, rheometry
  • Mechanical testing
    • Standard and non-standard mechanical testing (static, dynamic/fatigue, creep, impact), digital image correlation
  • Environmental performance
    • Chemical and physical aging: "Sun and rain", various tough environments (e.g. autoclaves), permeability and migration
    • Long-term mechanical performance at various temperatures: Fatigue, creep, stress relaxation, compression set  
  • Various support for the industry
    • Troubleshooting, material analysis, process optimization, product development, material selection

Employees in the research group for Polymer- and Composite Materials