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Polymer chemistry lab

In this lab we synthesize polymer materials from monomers. We also modify commercially available materials and make formulations for tailored applications. A third field of R&D is chemical degradation studies to establish routes for chemical recycling of polymer and composite materials.

Contact persons

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Foto: SINTEF/Werner Juvik

This lab complements the other four main labs of the Polymer and Composite Materials research groupthe material characterization lab, the mechanical testing lab, the processing lab and the ageing lab.

General description of lab facilities and equipment

Synthesis and modifications of materials

Examples of reaction types that we can do to produce and develop oligomers/macro molecular weight material from monomers:

  • polycondensation
  • radical polymerization
  • Sol-gel
  • UV curing

Tailored formulations

We develop tailored material solutions for special applications such as coatings and adhesives for demanding conditions.

  • Smart hydrogels with tunable properties
  • Tailored structures and properties of commercially available materials by chemical modification

Chemical recycling

To address environmental challenges involving plastic materials we are making efforts within recycling research. We have experience within:

  • Chemical recycling of thermoset and thermoplastic materials
  • Modifications to grinded waste composite materials to ensure compatibility with new resins.


  • General equipment for synthesis from small scale (mL) to larger scale (10L)
  • Carousel for parallel testing of reaction conditions
  • Infrastructure to handle chemicals safely and work with sensitive materials under inert atmosphere
  • Infrastructure to produce deionized water 15L/hour
  • Equipment to measure pH, electrical conductivity, and redox potential of solutions
  • Equipment for automatic titration (acid number, hydroxyl number, amine number)
  • Instruments to characterize physiochemical properties, in-house or in other SINTEF labs
    • NMR, FTIR, TGA, DSC, rheology, MS and GPC

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Plastics in the ocean

Sustainable polymer technologies

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Contact information

Birgitte Vågenes, Senior engineer

+47 45637271

Huaitian Bu, Senior researcher

+47 98230432