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Offshore Power Electronics

High voltage test cell

This laboratory facility was developed in the project based on the following needs and motivation:

  • Loss characterisation of semiconductor devices
  • Build infrastructure and develop methodology
  • Use switching loss calculations as input for thermal cycling + reliability simulations

The cell can characterize switching dynamics of power transistors with the following ratings:

  • 0-3.2 kV  DC-link voltage (prepared for increase to 6,4 kV) 
  • Max pulse current: 2~2.5 kA -> IGBT limited

The test cell includes the following features and components:

  • High voltage supply and control
  • Interlocks and safety features
  • Remote control for energisation /de-energisation
  • External  heater, can control the test object temperature from 0-140 ̊C
  • Temperature sensor measuring inlet temperature of heating/cooling liquid
  • Currently equipped with Westcode phase-leg (4500V 1800A) with IGBT gate drivers
  • Testing inductor (50uH)