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Offshore Power Electronics

Efficient converters

The objective of this task has been to examine how converter efficiency above 95 % can be achieved regarding topology related losses, switching frequency considerations, filter considerations, additional high frequency losses etc.


  • Provide basis for calculating costs for achieving specific converter efficiencies.
  • Analysis based on different options for optimizing plant efficiency and transmission system efficiency by utilizing advanced converter control options.
    • Mainly by numerical analysis of case scenarios.
    • Task has been closely coordinated with the control system activity

Summary of achievements

Tool for accurate simulation of operating dependent converter losses, except for magnetic core losses

  • Including thermal impedance network for IGBTs, temperature dependency of switching characteristics etc.
  • Converter loss/ efficiency related to topology, switching frequency, operating point etc.
  • Support for the cost/efficiency calculations, even if specific demo analysis has not been carried out
  • Further support for plant efficiency studies although specific demo analysis has not been carried out 

Provided HV test cell for characterizing HV IGBT switching characteristics

  • Control of DC-link voltage, switching current, chip temperature

Provided special equipment for IGBT conduction losses measurements

  • Schuster Forward Voltage Measuring Device DM 659  

Demo simulations (case studies) of IGBT converter losses/efficiency

  • Applying measured data from HV test cell
  • Applying thermal dynamic impedance network for accounting for chip hotspot temperature  

Converter losses