Since 2009 NOWITECH has developed 40 innovations in Offshore wind

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Offshore wind: We make it possible

NOWITECH is an international research cooperation on offshore wind technology, co-financed by the Research Council of Norway*, industry and research partners.

The vision

  • Contributing to large scale deployment of deep sea offshore wind turbines 

  • An internationally leading research community on offshore wind technology enabling industry partners to be in the forefront.


  • Precompetitive research laying a foundation for industrial value creation and cost-effective offshore wind farms. Emphasis is on "deep-sea" (+30 m) including bottom-fixed and floating wind turbines.

Key issues

  • Innovations, knowledge building and education aiming to reduce the cost of energy from offshore wind farms.

Vindmølle til havs
NOWITECH have so far 40 innovations in development, these are presented on the Innovation page.

* NOWITECH is a Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME). The objective of the FME scheme for is to establish time-limited research centres which conduct concentrated, focused and long-term research of high international calibre in order to solve specific challenges in the field.The research activity is carried out in close cooperation between prominent research communities and users. The programme is run by The Research Council of Norway.