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Offshore wind

Offshore wind

SINTEF develops world-leading and innovative offshore wind technology

Electricity from offshore wind farms can replace generation from fossil sources and will be an important part of a sustainable future energy system. It represents a golden opportunity to create new knowledge-based jobs and fuel a “green transition”.

Research into offshore wind energy is assigned priority in both the Norwegian Energ21 research strategy and the European SET plan. A potential global capital expenditure of EUR 300 billion in offshore wind energy during the next ten years has been reported.

Technology and market development are still at an early stage, and there is a massive potential for further technological development and cost reductions. Targets have been set to reduce the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE) from offshore wind farms by 50 % by 2030. Concerted research and development efforts are essential if this target is to be reached.

Our services:
SINTEF has an excellent track record in offshore wind power research and development. It has been involved in projects both in Norway and overseas for private industry and public sector organisations. SINTEF is heading the NOWITECH research centre and the offshore wind energy programme incorporated into the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) and we are engaged in work with IEA Wind and IEC/NK88 Windpower.

We are working with leading industrial partners to reduce the LCoE of offshore wind farms, accelerate innovation and generate wealth. We carry out analytical studies and numerical modelling, simulations, laboratory experiments and field measurements. Our modern laboratory facilities include the SINTEF Ocean Basin Lab, National Smart Grid Laboratory and the SINTEF Energy Laboratory, among others.

We organize the annual Offshore Wind R&I conference EERA DeepWind.

Additional Contacts

Trond Kvamsdal

Senior Research Scientist
Trond Kvamsdal
Senior Research Scientist
930 58 702
Mathematics and Cybernetics


Research areas:

  • Hydrodynamics and structures
  • Materials & durability
  • Manufacturing optimisation
  • Recycling & sustainability
  • Grid connection
  • System integration
  • Energy storage
  • Power cables
  • Marine operations
  • Digitalisation
  • Asset management
  • Wind farm control
  • Logistics
  • Value chain analyses
Chief Scientist





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