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Our world-leading offshore wind power laboratories

SINTEF has world-leading laboratories for investigating and developing offshore wind power, and we have many decades of experience with testing. Since 2005, SINTEF has played an important role in the development of floating wind turbines. The first Hywind Demo model was even tested in SINTEF’s Ocean Basin Laboratory.

Here are some of SINTEF’s key offshore wind power laboratories:

Ocean Basin Laboratory

The Ocean Basin Laboratory is used for basic and applied research on marine structures and operations. This laboratory enables us to simulate different types of environment and weather conditions, including wind, waves and currents. This presents a unique opportunity to test models in realistic conditions

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The National Smart Grid Laboratory

The National Smart Grid Laboratory contains modern laboratory infrastructure for research, demonstration, verification, testing and teaching. Large, multi-terminal HVDC grids can play an important role in the future power system. In the laboratory, control and operational strategies for these systems are evaluated in order to verify that operational and stability requirements are met. As part of the work in our previous offshore wind power research centre, NOWITECH*, a set-up was established to emulate a theoretical HVDC grid in the North Sea, which would connect Norway, Germany, England and offshore wind farms. The number of conversion and rotating machines in the laboratory enables extensive and complex tests to be conducted. These can demonstrate how operational strategies can contribute to stable operations even with large amounts of wind power in the system.

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Electrotechnical laboratories

The electrotechnical laboratories consist of multiple laboratories for testing and developing electrotechnical power components. The subsea laboratory has a wide range of pressure tanks, which are essential for testing electrical equipment that is intended for use on the seabed. Laboratories for power systems that use renewable energy are fitted with components and control equipment for research tasks within the smartgrid, wind power, and other renewable production.

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