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Offshore Oil and Gas Energy System Operational Optimisation Tool (oogeso)

The Oogeso tool is open-source Python based software for simulating the operation of offshore oil and gas platform energy systems.

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It is intended for analysing systems with variability and flexibility associated with the integration of low-emission technologies such as wind power supply, batteries, other energy storage, and flexible energy demand.

It may be used to compute and compare key performance indicators such as greenhouse gas emissions, gas turbine starts and stops, etc, with different system configurations and operating strategies. For example, the performance with different sizes of wind turbines and batteries, different amounts of online reserve power required, or different amounts of allowed variation in petroleum production.


The simulator is based on a rolling horizon mixed-integer linear optimisation. The system modelling simplified and linear, but includes energy and mass flows, with the basic links between oil/gas/water flows and energy demand by pumps and compressors, as well as gas turbine efficiency curves. 

The model is presented including download and installation guide on Github.

The model was developed with support from the LowEmission Research Centre (SP5).

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