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Electric power technology

Electric power technology

Research Director

The department do R&D related to electric power technology, through analyses, testing and development of electric power equipment.

Cable research
Cable research, Photo: SINTEF/Thor Nielsen

About department Electric power technology

Our research is done in close cooperation with the Department of Electrical Power Engineering at NTNU. Our state-of-the-art electric and materials technology laboratories and test equipment are vital tools that support our research.

We have pressure tanks that are used to simulate different service conditions for the offshore industry. In our modern equipment park we also have instrumentations for numerous field measurements onshore and offshore.

We perform contract research for the Norwegian and international electrotechnical industry, energy distribution and supply, and maritime activities. We are also cooperating with NTNU in their education of MSc and PhD students.

We opened the SINTEF Energy Lab in 2015
SINTEF Energy Lab represents the next generation in energy laboratories and is a vital tool for the development of tomorrow's efficient electrical power systems. The new laboratory will be an essential aid in tackling the many domestic energy challenges Norway faces today. This will be achieved by the development of:

  • tomorrow's electrical power grid technology
  • the vital know-how and systems needed to exploit offshore wind power
  • electrical power supply systems for deep-water subsea installations

The department is located in Sem Saelands Road 11
Employees Electric Power Technology