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PM generator integrated design - TRL3

Design strategy and tools for systematic investigation of different ironless PM generator concepts.

PM generator

This knowledge and tools can be used to achieve integrated generator design with minimal weight per MW.

The innovation represents, when fully developed, a step change in offshore wind turbine technology, enabling the power from large offshore wind turbines to be transported to shore without the use of any expensive offshore substation.

NOWITECH Innovation Award 2015 was given to Sverre Gjerde and Pål Keim Olsen for having carried out critical work in bringing this innovation forward as part of their PhD work at NTNU on high voltage DC generator technology for offshore wind turbines. They have demonstrated the technology in laboratory scale, and their work is well documented. Their work has been inspired and carried out with support mainly from NTNU, SINTEF Energi, SmartMotor and the Research Council of Norway. The support to their work is greatly acknowledged.