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NOWITECH - Research Network

Fleet optimization - TRL4

A logistics optimization model intended to be used as a decision support system in different planning processes related to the operation and maintenance phase of an offshore wind farm.


The software prototype is developed by MARINTEK in cooperation with industry actors in NOWITECH

The logistic decision support system will enable planning experts to make faster, better and more informed decisions both with respect to cost and risk in the planning phase. These optimized decisions can be related to vessel fleet, infrastructure, shifts, ports and many other logistical aspects.

These types of advanced decision support systems will push the industry from an ad hoc planning process to more structured, reliable and informed decision processes.

Further development, including developing heuristic algorithms to be able to solve richer problems e.g. related to uncertainty aspects is planned as part of the EU project LeanWind (2013-2017) by MARINTEK.