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Variation Multiscale Error Estimator - TRL3

Isogeometric analysis is one of the most important trends in numerical analysis in the last decade.

Isogeometric analyses of blade

It seeks to integrate the CAD design process with the FEA analysis process. Game-changing advantages of this approach are twofold.

First, the reuse of the geometry description in analysis avoids time consuming geometry clean-up and mesh generation steps at every design iteration. Secondly, the resulting discretization turns out to have favorable approximation properties compared to traditional FEA discretizations

Developed by Applied Mathematics, SINTEF ICT in collaboration with the Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU and funded through: ICADA, NOWITECH, FSI-WT (spin off project from NOWITECH).

Different Components:

  • IFEM-GeoModeller (ICADA, NOWITECH)
  • IFEM CFD2D & CFD3D (Code development and Validation in NOWITECH and FSI-WT)
  • IFEM-BEAM (Code development and validation in FSI-WT)
  • IFEM-FSI (Code development in FSI-WT & Validation in NOWITECH)
  • IFEM-SEMI3D (Code development and ongoing validation in FSI-WT)

Can be coupled to microscale atmospheric codes like SIMRA

Technical Specifications:

  • Templated C++ code
  • Open Source (GPL)
  • Covered by Regression tests
  • Distributed or Shared memory parallelization
  • XML based input
  • HDF5 output with converters for Paraview
  • GLview

Numerical model/method