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INVALS general purpose optimization - TRL8

ALSIM, WELDSIM, WELDSIMS, TEASIM and INVALS are modules in a multiphase fluid-structure-material interaction simulation software suite developed and sold by IFE for 20 years.

INVALS general purpose optimization

It is a leading international simulation software in the field of metal parts production, processing and analysis. The software suits optimization module INVALS was expanded with four new optimization methods in NOWITECH, linked with the integrated model 3DFloat and used for optimization of blades, towers, substructures and moorings.

Automated cost optimizing of offshore wind turbine components and systems can be a time saving and efficient way of minimizing the costs.

Services provided to the industry by IFE. The software is also sold to a wide range of international companies in for example the metal production, welding, oil & gas and automotive industry.

The development finished in NOWITECH in 2011.