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NOWITECH - Research Network

3DWind park wake model - TRL6

3DWind is a CFD based micro scale wind and wind turbine park simulation software developed by IFE since 1999.

3DWind park wake model

Example features: complex terrain and/or sea, turbines modeled as actuator discs, atmospheric stability, surface roughness and temperature.

Being able to accurately predict the behavior of a wind park aerodynamics is important for power production predictions, park layout and turbine wind loads.

Services provided to the industry by Kjeller Vindteknikk.

The development was halted in NOWITECH in 2010 due to IFEs limited budget, and since it at the time looked like NORCOWE would put significant effort into wind park simulations. To our knowledge there is still no other full scale validated offshore wind park model in NORCOWER or NOWITECH, and the development could be resumed if the industry so desire.