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2nd International Conference on Biomass and Waste Combustion

The Conference will focus mainly on the technical aspects of biomass and waste combustion including the sub-themes fuel preparation and handling, combustion processes, ash handling and emissions. The main goal is to present technological innovations that will be commercialised in the near future. The Conference will focus on technologies for both retrofitting existing and application in new, WtE and BtE plants.and emissions.

Important questions are; How to

  • increase the electrical efficiency of WtE plants
  • increase the electrical efficiency of biomass combustion plants
  • increase the lifetime of heat exchanger components at existing steam temperatures
  • lower the fuel costs for biomass combustion plants

Tuesday 16 February

Opening session   -   Chairman: Sverre Aam, SINTEF

Welcome and Introduction

Sverre Aam, SINTEF

European Energy Policy Related to Renewables and Waste

Jean-Pierre Schosger, EC

NextGenBioWaste - Towards a successful completion

Lars Sørum, SINTEF

Keynote session   -   Chairman: Lars Sørum, SINTEF

Overview of legislative changes in the EU that influence the future design and performance of WtE plants

Ella Stengler, CEWEP

Biomass in relation to 2020

Hans Nordström, Vattenfall

Energy from waste - Everywhere?

Alfred Sigg, von Roll Inova

R1 as Efficiency Indicator - Status Quo and Optimization Potential

Dieter O. Reimann, CEWEP

Corrosion & Fouling   -   Chairman: Ragnar Warnecke, GKS

PPW Overlaid Boiler Tubes for Higher Efficiency Waste to Energy Plants

Oya Koji, Daido Steel Co. Ltd

High temperature corrosion of candidate materials for industrial boilers in biomass combustion

Jiri Krejcik, SVÚM

Standard of cladding process in the biomass and waste combustion

Arne Manzke, Uhlig Rohrbogen

Contribution to the analysis of the corrosion process of commercial steels and newly developed laboratory alloys under simulated incineration conditions

Markus Schmitt, MPIE

Corrosion & Fouling   -   Chairman: Jean Pierre Schosger, JRC

Corrosion reduction in waste-and demolition wood  fired boilers by means of additives: A very corrosive case

Anders Hjörnhede, VPC

Low Temperature Corrosion in a Waste Fired Boiler

Kenneth Villani, Keppel Seghers

Decreased corrosion at high temperature?

Annika Stålenheim, VRD

Numerical simulations of particle deposition on superheaters

Nils Erland L. Haugen, SINTEF

Process optimisation with the aid of on-line corrosion monitoring

Martin de Jong, KEMA

Wednesday 17 February

High efficient WtE plants /Boiler optimisation   -   Chairman: Robert van Kessel, KEMA

Performance of three reconstructed boilers at AVR

Hadeel Abdul Aziz, AVR

High Efficiency Energy from Waste

Harmen Veldman, AEB

Model based control for advanced PID combustion controllers in WtE plants

Ragnar Warnecke, GKS

Visser & Smit Hanab efficiency enhancement EVI Europark

Eloi van der Meer, V & SH

Biomass Combustion   -   Chairman: Frans Lamers, KEMA

BFB furnace bottom modification in Idbäcken CHP

Christer Forsberg, VNH

The long-term effects of different biomass qualities in a grate boiler

Morten Fossum, TEVF

Renewable solid fuels replacing electricity and oil in an existing thermal energy marked

Arild Dahlberg, Hafslund

Fuelbed, ash & emissions   -   Chairman: Lennart Gårdman, VRD

Monitoring the combustion process directly on the grate of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators

Jean-Pierre Schosger, JRC

Detailed models for ignition and combustion of waste

Maarten van Blijderveen, TNO

High dust selective catalytic NOx reduction at WtE plant in Brescia

Paolo Rossignoli, A2A

Developments in the management of solid waste incineration ashes

Frans Lamers, KEMA


Conference sponsors:

  • GKS
  • Keppel Seghers
  • VonRoll/Nova
  • Daido Steel
  • Vattenfall