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Dissemination - SP4

The dissemination of results and experience from NextGenBioWaste aims to promote innovative approaches to the use of improvements to energy recovery and renewable electricity production using waste and other commonly available biomass feedstocks and also to encourage the sharing of policies and knowledge among the participating partners and to contribute to communication between the partners in the consortium.

The dissemination activities will promote project results and approaches, and encourage duplication in other countries, thereby contributing to EU objectives of CO2 reduction and security of energy supply, and to the target of increasing the share of renewable energy sources from 6 to 12% as well as increasing the share of green electricity from 14 to 21% of gross electricity consumption by 2010.


  • Communication strategy
  • Website
  • Network communication
  • Workshop
  • Publications

Communication strategy
During the first year of the project period a communication strategy will be prepared. An important part of this strategy is to ensure an effective and constantly updated flow of information internally between the partners. Secondly the strategy will be the foundation for the activities for dissemination of results and experiences from the NextGenBioWaste project to the rest of Europe.

This project website will be continuously updated with information on the project’s progress and results.

Network communication
The NextGenBioWaste project will promote results and approaches through existing networks such as PREWIN, ISWA, the IEA (task 32 and 36) and other.

NextGenBioWaste first international workshop is planned during 2007 to discuss progress, activities and results in Europe. Further information will be published later.