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Product Documentation - Buildings

Certification and approval of products, materials and solutions.

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The technical regulation to the Norwegian Planning and building act state that all product properties that is used in a building (that are important for the building to meet the basic requirements of the regulations) must be documented.

Product documentation must be available before the product is sold and used in construction. The documentation requirement applies to all construction materials, prefabricated constructions, and construction elements.

We work within the following fields:
SINTEF is appointed as Notified Body (NB) and Technical Assessment Body (TAB) for construction products. An overview of our appointments can be found in the common European database Nando.

SINTEF Certification offers voluntary documentation in the form of product certification. We also offer SINTEF Technical Approval for construction products covered by the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and for ladders and scaffolding covered by the Norwegian Manufacturers' Regulations.

SINTEF issues the following types of product documentation

SINTEF has specialist knowledge and extensive experience delivering certification and approval.