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Rock and Soil Mechanics laboratories

Rock and Soil Mechanics laboratories

SINTEF and NTNU offer a wide range of rock- and soil laboratory services and field investigations in a joint research and development laboratory.

SINTEF and NTNU have a close cooperation and a joint ownership of the laboratory infrastructure within engineering geological and rock mechanical testing.

The laboratories are, in addition to standardised testing, used for research and development. The aim is to continuously improve the knowledge and understanding of how different properties affect the strength and durability of geological materials.

The Rock- and Soil Mechanics Laboratories moved into a brand new building in 2019. The new building provides plenty of room, a stream-lined receival and distribution of test samples to the various test locations.

Laboratories and Field investigation

Published 21 July 2020
Laboratory Manager
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Visits and delivery of samples:

Rock and Soil Mechanics laboratories
S.P. Andersens vei 13 A 
7031 Trondheim 

Contact: Joakim Eggen