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Rock Mechanical Laboratory

Knowledge of the mechanical properties of rock is crucial for planning and design of infrastructure projects in rock.

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The Rock Mechanical Laboratory is very well equipped with instruments for the study of rock mechanical properties. The laboratory offers standard routine testing, custom-made laboratory assignments, as well as research and development services. 

The laboratory has over the past few years upgraded much of the test equipment, and has today several state-of-the art hydraulic presses, measuring technologies and accessories. The Rock Mechanical Laboratory lab is involved in several development projects and is continuously working on the creating of new lab and field methods. SINTEF can offer a wide range of rock mechanical laboratory services.  

Our standardised tests cover:

  • Density, porosity and water content
  • Sonic velocity
  • Point load strength
  • Uniaxial compressive strength
  • Triaxial compressive strength
  • Indirect tensile strength (Brazilian)
  • E-modulus and Poisson's ratio
  • Flexural strength
  • Shear Strength of Rock Joints       

Determination of the rock mechanical properties is done on cores in the laboratory. The laboratory has its own core drilling and preparation equipment. Testing is performed in accordance with ISRM's standards and procedures.

The laboratory can also assist with:

  • Full strain measurement for joints, cyclic test trials, various types of instrumentation, drill core mapping, joint type evaluation, and fracture criterion assessment
  • Full-scale testing of rock bolts in our self-developed test rig (link to own page)
  • Frost laboratory for testing solutions for water and frost protection in tunnels (Link)
  • A rig test for grouting in rock is under development in collaboration with NTNU.


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Rock and Soil Mechanics laboratories
S.P. Andersens vei 13 A 
7031 Trondheim 

Contact: Joakim Eggen