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New laboratory building for the geo science at NTNU and SINTEF

The new laboratory building (2617 sq.m.) for the GEO Science cooperation at NTNU and SINTEF in S.P. Andersens veg, Trondheim, Norway. Illustration: NCC
From July 1st 2019, a completely new laboratory building will be housing most of the laboratory services of the geo science at NTNU and SINTEF.

The move to the completely new premises also entails new investments and upgrading of the equipment facilities for the following laboratory and field services at SINTEF:

• Engineering Geology Laboratory
• Rock Mechanics Laboratory
• Natural Stone Laboratory
• Rock Mechanics Field Services
• Geotechnical Field Services

The investments by SINTEF include a new multifunctional Rock Mechanics Testing Machine, a new crushing and milling line up facility, and an upgrade of the Rock Bolt Test Rig. Some of the investments are made in cooperation with NTNU, as part of the new ROCK-lab.

See movie: NCC constructs New Laboratory for NTNU

SINTEF's capacity for laboratory testing will be reduced between June 15th and ca. August 15th.
Please note that SINTEF must make reservations during this period as to our possibilities to commit laboratory and field assignments.


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