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Rock Mechanical Field Investigations

Knowledge of the mechanical properties of rock is crucial for planning and implementation of infrastructure projects in rock.

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Information about rock stresses, rock mass quality and mechanical properties of the rock are important parameters in numerical and empirical stability analyses. SINTEF, together with NTNU, has a unique and long experience within rock mechanical field studies both nationally and internationally. We have carried out measurements in over 150 locations in 18 countries, owning a rock mechanical database with over 3000 individual measurements.

SINTEF has developed the methods that we currently use for rock stress measurements, as well as improved versions of the original South African CSIRO cells:

  • 2D Doorstopper overcoring
  • 2D Long-term doorstopper (stress monitoring)
  • 3D overcoring cell
  • Equipment for hydraulic splitting and fracturing

SINTEF normally provides all the necessary equipment, including the core drilling machine, needed to perform field measurements. All equipment, including hydraulic splitting equipment, can be shipped with regular air cargo. Holes for hydraulic splitting are often drilled by the client. The measurements are performed in accordance with the proposed procedures of the International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM).

We also have laboratory facilities where relevant investigations are made in connection with rock stress measurements.

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