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Power Grid Optimiser

Power Grid Optimiser

A software for computing the optimal configuration of power grids

About the grid optimiser

The Power Grid Optimiser is a software service for computing the optimal configuration of a power grid. That is, how to use switches and other grid components to optimise reliability, loss, balance, power quality and so on.

This grid configuration is formulated as a combinatorial optimisation problem, and solved using a suite of suitable optimisation methods, both exact and approximate. By solving variations of this problem efficiently, the technology enables considerable savings on several levels in DSO/TSO operations, ranging from long term investment analysis, through a dynamic adaptation of the grid based on short term prognosis, to here-and-now re-configuration during maintenance or fault corrections.

This software is currently under developement.  Initial prototype versions exists for distribution grids, for computation of a "normal" network configuration or a time series of configurations based on short term prognosis on demand and local production.

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