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CO2SIM (Flowsheet Simulator for CO2 Absorption Processes)

CO2SIM provides a flexible and extensive simulation framework for solving a wide range of chemical processes related to CO2 capture technologies. It is an advanced platform for modeling CO2 absorption processes.

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About CO2sim

CO2SIM is a flow sheet simulator that is continuously under development. It is currently being tested for gas sweetening processes and dynamic simulation models are being developed. It includes optimization procedures and methods for automatic handling of data obtained from different sources, such as pilot plants, user data etc. The software is a well structured object-oriented program based on architectural patterns where the basic code elements of each layer are reusable. In order to properly understand the mechanisms associated with CO2 removal technology, for accurate plant design, and for process improvement, precise modeling of this process is of great importance.


  • The software is used as an important part in the research strategy at SINTEF for developing new solvents and technology of CO2 capture processes
  • Robust and stable numerics enable simulation of advanced process configurations for process optimization
  • The software makes it readily possible to implement new solvent systems and new process configurations
  • Modeling and optimization of large scale pilot plants
  • Includes methods for batch simulation of pilot plant campaign results for validation and verification of new solvent models
  • The simulation models can describe the details of the system including vapour liquid equilibrium (VLE), reaction kinetics and transport properties
  • The packing models are rate-based
  • Currently also developing dynamic models and thermodynamic models for high pressure gas sweetening processes

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