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MRST - MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox

A free open-source community code for rapid prototyping of new methods for modelling and simulation of flow in porous media. Has a large user community from all over the world.

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MRST - Transforming research

MRST is an extension of MATLAB, a widely used platform for scientific programming. It offers data structures and computational libraries developed especially for the simulation of flow in porous media. The software has a modular design and consists of a core library and around 65 add-on modules.  


  • Both industry-standard model generation (ECLIPSE input, corner-point grids) and a variety of routines for constructing unstructured grids, including fractured media (DFM, EDFM, dual-porosity)
  • Simulators for black-oil, compositional, EOR, CO2, geomechanics, geothermal, etc. All fully differentiable, based on automatic differentiation. Efficient and extensively validated.
  • Sensitivities and integrated optimization via adjoints. Ensemble modelling.
  • Various discretization methods: MPFA, mixed FEM, mimetic finite differences, NTPFA, VEM, WENO, etc.  Fully implicit, adaptive implicit (AIM), sequential fully implicit, IMPES, etc.
  • Standard and multisegment wells, surface facilities

The software is thorougly documented, including an extensive set of tutorial scripts that demonstrate how you can combine functionality from the core library and the add-on modules to build your own custom-made modelling and simulation tools. There is also an active user forum, with new posts almost every day, and we maintain a list of scientific literature that has used the software.

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The software has a large user group from all over the world, both in industry and academia. This is evidenced by:

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