There are several sources you can consult to learn more about MRST, including a textbook, a series of short videos (Jolts), and the many tutorials that follow the software; some of these are also available as webpages. In addition, almost all functions in MRST are documented in a similar way as in MATLAB.



The MRST textbooks

K.-A. Lie. An introduction to reservoir simulation using MATLAB/GNU Octave: User guide for the MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox (MRST). Cambridge University Press, 2019.

This book is the primary resource to learn about MRST and the various models, solvers, and workflow tools that are implemented in the software. Scripts and functions necessary for most of the examples can be found in the 'book' module of the official MRST release. The book is electronically available as Gold Open Access from Cambridge University Press (click the green button labeled Open Access). To cite the book, please refer to the published version and not the preliminary manuscript that has been available here in the past.


Advanced Modeling with the MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox, K.-A. Lie and O. Møyner, eds. Cambridge University Press, 2021. DOI: 10.1017/9781009019781

Many leading experts contribute to the second MRST textbook. It introduces more advanced functionality that has been recently added to MRST software but is also a self-contained introduction to a variety of modern numerical methods for simulating multiphase flow in porous media. Applications include geothermal energy, chemical enhanced oil recovery (EOR), flow in fractured and unconventional reservoirs, and in the unsaturated zone. The reader will learn how to implement new models and algorithms in a robust, efficient manner. A large number of numerical examples are included, all fully equipped with code and data so that the reader can reproduce the results and use them as a starting point for their own work. 

This book is also freely available as open access from the publisher's website above.



User guides

The following two user guides document two GUIs for flow diagnostics pre- and postprocessing:


Autogenerated documentation

Autogenerated documentation from MRST's source code and examples can be found here. The documentation gives an overview of each individual module and documents all the main functions and class objects typset on a standard format.

We use the Sphinx documentation system to generate these files.



A JOLT is a short learning module that consist of a set of 3-10 min videos that cover one specific topic. The first JOLT explains what MRST is, shows how to download the software, and instructs you how to make your first flow solvers. The JOLT also contains an interview with Knut-Andreas Lie, in which he explain the background of MRST and why it is release free, open-source software. The second JOLT introduces you to the kinds of grids that are used in reservoir simulation, outlines how grids are represented in MRST, and discusses how to use the software to generate structured and unstructured grids.




Tutorial lectures

The MRST team has given several short courses and tutorial lectures on the software and reservoir simulation in more general. We have collected some slide sets and a few video recordings and hope that you find them useful.


Reservoir modelling and simulation with MRST, by Ø.S. Klemetsdal, Transform 2021, Software Underground, 20 April 2021

Building an Open-Source Community Code: the MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox (MRST), by K-A Lie, GeoScience & GeoEnergy Webinars, 27 August 2020.

Reservoir Modeling Using MATLAB - The MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox (MRST), by K-A Lie, MATLAB Energy Conference, 17 November 2020.



 Modules and tutorials

All modules in MRST have a set of tutorial scripts that introduce you to the basic functionality of the module. Several of these are also available on the module webpages. In addition, we have number of tutorials that introduce you to basic functionality of MRST.



Key papers about MRST

K. Bao, K.-A. Lie, O. Møyner, and M. Liu. Fully implicit simulation of polymer flooding with MRST. Comput. Geosci., Vol. 21, Issue 5-6, pp. 1219-1244, 2017. DOI: 10.1007/s10596-017-9627-2. Also available from: Springer Nature ShareIt.

An earlier version was published as: K. Bao, K.-A. Lie, O. Møyner, and M. Liu. Fully-implicit simulation of polymer flooding with MRST. ECMOR XV, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 29 Aug--1 Sept, 2016. DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.201601880


S. Krogstad, K.-A. Lie, O. Møyner, H. M. Nilsen, X. Raynaud, and B. Skaflestad. MRST-AD - an open-source framework for rapid prototyping and evaluation of reservoir simulation problems. Paper 173317-MS presented at the 2015 Reservoir simulation Symposium, Houston, Texas, USA, 23-25 February 2015.


K.-A. Lie, S. Krogstad, I. S. Ligaarden, J. R. Natvig, H. M. Nilsen, and B. Skaflestad. Open source MATLAB implementation of consistent discretisations on complex grids. Comput. Geosci., , Vol. 16, No. 2, pp. 297-322, 2012. DOI: 10.1007/s10596-011-9244-4
Complete MATLAB scripts that reproduce (almost) all the figures and examples in the paper are available for download, see e.g., Example 5 and Example 6.

An earlier version was published as: K.-A. Lie, S. Krogstad, I. S. Ligaarden, J. R. Natvig, H. M. Nilsen, and B. Skaflestad. Discretisation on complex grids -- Open source MATLAB implementation. Proceedings of ECMOR XII, Oxford, UK, 6-9 September 2010

Published June 14, 2011

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