The MRST forum and mailing list is hosted at Google groups. To post to the mailing list without a google account, send your query to

Access the MRST user group forum

Please consider the following points before posting a question:

  • Search the forum to check that your question has not been answered before.
  • Formulate your question carefully. If we cannot understand your question, we probably cannot help you.
  • If your question is about code-technical issues, please prepare a complete, but minimal example demonstrating the problem. Often the problem lies in incorrect usage or input data, and a copy of warnings or error messages is seldom sufficient to locate the problem.
  • Please provide the full stack trace when reporting errors: Send the entire red error text, not just the final error message. This allows us to see not just what the error us, but also where it occurs.
  • Please help out in answering questions from other users.
  • Have a little patience, especially during weekends. This is not a 24-7 emergency line.

Published June 10, 2016