MRST - MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox


The MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox

Thank you for your interest in MRST! Please click the button below to download MRST as a zip-file. New versions of MRST are published online twice a year in April and October. The current latest version is MRST 2021b, released on the 13th of September 2021. No other MATLAB toolboxes are required, and the software is actively tested with MATLAB versions from the last five years.


Once downloaded and extracted, it is sufficient to run the startup.m file in the main MRST folder from within MATLAB or Octave. If you are using Octave, we highly recommend downloading the Octave compatibility module from our downloadable resources page. To see what's new, see the release notes for MRST 2021b. If you are interested in following MRST development actively, you can go to our Bitbucket page. Need help to get started? Take a look at our list of frequently asked questions and visit our MRST User Group to connect with other users.

If you would like to be notified when a new version of MRST is released please join the MRST-announce google group. We will only send notifications of new releases (usually twice a year).

Previous releases

Previous MRST releases from the past 5 years can be found on the Previous Releases page. However, we recommend users use the latest release of MRST unless they have specific reason not to.

Terms of usage

MRST is open source software under the GPL 3 license and can be freely downloaded and modified, provided the changes are distributed under the same license. If you use MRST in our research, please cite the relevant papers from our publications page. A few overview references are provided here for your convenience:

Development of MRST is funded in part by public research grants, where relevant citations is an important metric of scientific impact. We hope you find MRST useful in your research!

Published February 23, 2011