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Håvard Heitlo Holm

Research Scientist

Håvard is a research scientist within the Applied Computational Sciences research group. He's been at SINTEF since 2014 and holds a PhD in applied mathematics from NTNU.

His research focuses on developing GPU-accelerated simplified ocean models for forecasting real-world drift trajectories with associated uncertainty quantification. This also includes to make use of available observations through ensemble-based data assimilation methods.


PhD in Mathematical Sciences, NTNU, 2020. "Efficient Forecasting of Drift Trajectories using Simplified Ocean Models and Nonlinear Data Assimilation on GPUs"

Master's degree in Industrial Mathematics, NTNU, 2014. "A CUDA Back-End for the Equelle Compiler"

Competence and research areas

• Development of GPU-accelerated numerical software
• Finite-volume methods for shallow water flow
• Ensemble-based data assimilation methods, such as ensemble Kalman filters (EnKF) and particle filters, specifically tailored towards assimilation of sparse observations




Contact info

Visiting address:
Forskningsveien 1