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Halvor Møll Nilsen

Senior Research Scientist

Halvor Møll Nilsen stands as a senior research scientist within SINTEF Digital's Applied Computational Sciences group in Oslo. His expertise centers on numerically simulating flow in porous media, particularly within porous rock and electrochemical systems. His research holds applications in reservoirs, CO2 storage, geothermal systems, and battery technology. He has been an active developer of the open-sources codes MRST, BattMo and OPM Flow.


Master in physics at the University of Bergen 1998
PhD in physics at the University of Bergen 2002

Competence and research areas

Numerical methods for partial differential equations with particular focus on flow in porous media. Applications are simulations of reservoirs, CO2 storage, geothermal systems and batteries.


Contact info

Visiting address:
Forskningsveien 1