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Employees in Materials Physics - Oslo

Count: 16

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Name Title Phone Email
Belle, Branson Belle, Branson Senior Research Scientist
Carvalho, Patricia Almeida Carvalho, Patricia Almeida Senior Research Scientist
Diplas, Spyridon Diplas, Spyridon Research Manager
Eklund, Anders Eklund, Anders Research Scientist
Fertitta, Edoardo Fertitta, Edoardo Research Scientist
Graff, Joachim Seland Graff, Joachim Seland Research Engineer
Holme, Børge Holme, Børge Senior Research Scientist
Iordanidou, Konstantina Iordanidou, Konstantina Research Scientist
Jensen, Ingvild Julie Thue Jensen, Ingvild Julie Thue Senior Research Scientist
Kolderup, Camilla Sofie Kolderup, Camilla Sofie Department Coordinator
Løvvik, Ole Martin Løvvik, Ole Martin Chief Scientist
Rajput, Kalpna Rajput, Kalpna Research Scientist
Sagvolden, Espen Sagvolden, Espen Research Scientist
Sunding, Martin Fleissner Sunding, Martin Fleissner Research Scientist
Thøgersen, Annett Thøgersen, Annett Senior Research Scientist
Øversjøen, Vetle Øversjøen, Vetle Master of Science